Bardo Pond “Is there a Heaven?”

We thank everyone who got one of these hope you are digging it.

BLAZE420 Bardo Pond - Is There A Heaven_hi

Following 2013’s ‘Rise Above it All’ and 2014’s ‘Looking for Another Place’. This time Bardo Pond deliver us their enthralling take on Bryan Ferry’s ‘In Every Dream Home A Heartache’ and Albert Ayler’s ‘Music Is the Healing Force of the Universe’. Bardo Pond complete their own unofficial RSD exclusive trilogy with another set of guitar heavy, drenched in feedback, heartfelt, honest and obviously considered interpretations of music that matters to them.

Psychedelic masters of rock, Bardo Pond’s remarkable talent for free noise, drone and heavy riffs, take the listener on a journey where “Isobel Sollenberger meets the eye of their storm” (Tony Dale – The Ptolemaic Terrascope). Seductive, powerful and intoxicating, the record bursts with their usual visceral energy, pulling you into their otherworldly, world.

Their previous two RSD releases flew off the shelves, and you can see why, not only have Bardo Pond acquired glowing acclaim from bands around the world for their music, but also as people, who love to make the music they make and whose music makes you love all they do. These tracks will be sure to leave your ears ringing after the very pleasurable fourteen minute journey you are about to immerse yourself in.

“specialising in lengthy abstractions, these wigged out Pennsylvanians do sprawling space rock” Q

“Reliably transportative swathes of feedback-drenched psychedelica. Bardo Pond’s genius lies in the collision of contrasts” Sunday Times